Geography Lab Facilities

The Department of Geography operates a state-of the-art computer teaching lab for GIS and Remote Sensing courses. The lab contains 24 student PCs and one instructor PC, including a ceiling mounted overhead projector.

The principal software used in the lab for teaching are ArcGIS and ERDAS Imagine. Outside of scheduled classes students have access to the lab to work on course assignments and projects under the supervision of a Teaching Assistant.

The GIS lab is located in Bandelier East 106.

The Department of Geography also operates a smaller computer lab for student use. This lab currently contains 6 PCs but is being expanded. This lab serves as an overflow facility for students to work on their assignments and projects when the larger lab is being used for classes, as well as for research projects.

This lab is directly adjacent to Bandelier East 106. Access is currently restricted to undergraduate students enrolled in upper-division GIS and Remote Sensing courses (400-level) and graduate students.

Students enrolled in GIS courses in the department also get free access to the student version of the ArcGIS software, as well as access to selected courses in ESRI’s Virtual Campus.

For questions regarding the lab facilities, contact Chris Lippitt.