Geography & Environmental Studies

MSC 01 1110
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Bandelier West & East

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Bandelier Hall West – Room 220


  • Biogeography
  • Cultural and historical ecology
  • African Diaspora
  • Food geography
  • Science studies


Curriculum Vitae
Educational Background
Doctor of Philosophy, 2006
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Geography
Doctoral Dissertation: “Villages, vegetation, bedrock, and chimpanzees: Human and non-human sources of ecosystem structure in southwestern Mali,”
Dr. Matthew D. Turner, Advisor
Minor: African Languages and Literature


Master of Science, 2000
San José State University, Department of Environmental Studies
Master’s Thesis: “Conservation of the tree Gilletiodendron glandulosum in southwestern Mali,” Dr. Gary A. Klee, Advisor


U.S. Peace Corps, Mali, 1995-1997
Agricultural Extension Agent
Marena, Arrondissement de Bamafélé, Cercle de Bafoulabé


Bachelor of Arts, 1994
University of of California, Santa Cruz, Department of History
Honors Thesis: “New Horizons: Early European Sources on Coastal West Africa,” Dr. David Anthony, Advisor
College, Department, and Thesis Honors


Courses Taught
  • Geog 101/105L – Physical Geography
  • Geog 281L – Computer Mapping
  • Geog 350 – Physical Landscapes
  • Geog 464/564 – Food and Natural Resources
  • Geog 515 – Cultural and Political Ecology


Selected Publications
Gruley, J. and C.S. Duvall. 2011. The evolving narrative of the Darfur conflict as represented in The New York Times and The Washington Post, 2003-2009. GeoJournal DOI 10.1007/s10708-010-9384-4.


Duvall, C.S. 2011. Biocomplexity from the ground up: Vegetation patterns in a West African savanna landscape.Annals of the Association of American Geographers 101(3): 497-522.


Duvall, C.S, P. Howard, and K. Goldsberry. 2010. Apples and oranges? Classifying food retailers based on fresh produce availability in a Midwestern U.S. city. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 5(4): 526-541.


Goldsberry, K., C.S. Duvall, P. Howard, and J. Stevens. 2010. Visualizing nutritional terrain: A geospatial analysis of pedestrian produce access in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Geocarto International 25(6): 485-499.


Duvall, C.S. 2009. A Maroon legacy? Sketching African contributions to live fencing practices in early Spanish America. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 30(2): 232-247.


Duvall, C.S. 2008. Classifying physical geographic features: The case of Maninka farmers in southwestern Mali.Geografiska Annaler B (Human Geography) 90(4): 327-348.


Duvall, C.S. 2008. Chimpanzee diet in the Bafing area, Mali. African Journal of Ecology 46(4): 679-683.


Duvall, C.S. 2008. Human settlement ecology and chimpanzee habitat selection in Mali. Landscape Ecology.23(6): 699-716.


Duvall, C.S. 2007. Human settlement and baobab distribution in southwestern Mali. Journal of Biogeography34(11): 1947-1961.


Duvall, C.S. 2006. On the origin of the tree Spondias mombin in Africa. Journal of Historical Geography 32(2): 249-266.


Duvall, C.S. 2003. Symbols, not data: rare trees and vegetation history in Mali. The Geographical Journal. 169(4): 295-312.


Duvall, C.S. 2001. Habitat, conservation, and use of Gilletiodendron glandulosum in southwestern Mali.Systematics and Geography of Plants 71(2): 699-737.


Duvall, C.S. 2000. Important habitat for chimpanzees in Mali. African Study Monographs 21(4): 173-203.


Administrative Duties
Departmental Coordinator of Physical Geography Labs
Member, Operations Committee, University of New Mexico Latin American and Iberian Institute
Member, Great Ape Specialist Group, Species Survival Commission, International Union for the Conservation of Nature
Member, Editorial Review Board, African Journal of Ecology (Blackwell Publishing)
Member, Editorial Review Board, Taking Sides: Clashing Views on African Issues (McGraw-Hill Publishing)
Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Notes and Records: International Journal of African and African Diaspora Studies (Kentucky State University)