John Carr

John Carr, Assistant Professor of Geography

Bandelier Hall West - Room 201


  • Urban Geography
  • Legal Geography
  • Urban Planning
  • Critical Theory
  • Qualitative Methods/Action Research
  • Geography and New Media

 Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background

Ph.D. 2007, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, Geography Department

Dissertation:  The Political Grind – The Role of Youthful Identities in the Municipal Politics of Public Space

Advisor: Steve Herbert

J.D. 1993, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas

B.A., 1990  Trinity University

Courses Taught

-          Legal Geography

-          Urban Geography

-          Introduction to Human Geography

Selected Publications

Carr, J.  (2014) “Making Urban Politics Go Away:  The role of legally mandated planning processes in occluding city-level power.” In M. Davidson and D. Martin (Eds.) Urban Politics: Critical Approaches. Sage (London)

Carr, J. (2012). Public Input/Elite Privilege: The use of participatory planning to reinforce urban geographies of power in Seattle. Urban Geography, 33(3). 420-441.

Carr, J.  (2012). Activist Research and City Politics: Ethical lessons from youth-based public scholarship. Action Research Journal. 10(1), 61-78.

Carr, J.  (2010). Skating Around The Edges Of The Law: Urban Skateboarding And The Role Of Law In Determining Young Peoples’ Place In The City.  Urban Geography. 31 (7), 988-1003 (Legal Geographies series).

Carr, J., Herbert, S.K., & Brown, E.  (2009).  Inclusion under the law, exclusion from the city:  The regulation of bodies and places in Seattle. Environment & Planning: A. 41(8), 1962 -1978.