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Chris Lippitt

Christopher D. Lippitt, Assistant Professor of Geography

Bandelier Hall West - Room 203

Research Summary:

Dr. Lippitt’s research is focused broadly in the area of remote sensing and spatial modeling (i.e., GIScience). His recent research, funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), is focused on theory and methods relating to time-sensitive remote sensing, with an emphasis on determining best practices for the optimization of remote sensing systems to supply information to inform the response phase of the hazard management cycle. This research requires engagement with the entire remote sensing process from collection to information product delivery; he subsequently works with a variety of airborne platforms and sensors, including unmanned airborne systems (UAS or drones) and with web based image processing, management, and publication systems. In addition to this research, Dr. Lippitt engages in a wide variety of research collaborations, including archeological survey, road quality assessment, post-fire erosion monitoring, improving carbon flux estimates from remote sensing, and monitoring biomass changes from passive optical sensors. 


Curriculum Vitae


Educational Background

PhD Geography, 2012, San Diego State University & University of California at Santa Barbara, “Time-Sensitive Remote Sensing”, Dr. Douglas Stow

M.A. Geographic Information Science, Clark University, “Incorporating Anthropogenic Variables to Estimate Gypsy Moth Risk”, Dr. John Rogan

B.A. Geography, Clark University, “Detection of selective timber harvesting: a comparison of machine learning algorithms”, Dr. John Rogan

Courses Taught

  • Remote Sensing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • Applications of Remote Sensing
  • Geographic Information Science Seminar
  • Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing


Selected Publications

Stow, D.A., J.R. Weeks, S. Toure, L. Coulter, and C.D. Lippitt. 2013. Urban vegetation cover and change in Accra, Ghana: Connection to Housing Quality. Professional Geographer 65(3).

Weeks, J.R., A. Getis, D.A. Stow, D. Rain, R. Engstrom, J. Stoler, C.D. Lippitt, and M. Jankowska. 2012. Connecting the Dots between Health, Poverty and Place in Accra, Ghana. Annuls of the Association of American Geographers 102(5).

Lippitt, C.D., L.L. Coulter, M. Freeman, J. Lamanti, W. Pang, and D.A. Stow. 2012. The Effect of Input Data Transformations on Object Based Image Classification. Remote Sensing Letters, 3(1): 21-29.

Coulter, L.L., A.S. Hope, D.A. Stow, C.D. Lippitt, and S.J. Lathrop. 2011. Time-Space Radiometric Normalization of TM/ETM Scenes for Land-Cover Change Detection. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 1-18.

Stow, D., C.D. Lippitt, J. Weeks. 2010. Delineation of Neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana Based on Quickbird Satellite Data. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 76, 907-914.

Lippitt, C. D., J. Rogan, Z. Li, R. J. Eastman, T. G. Jones. 2008. Mapping Selective Logging in Mixed Deciduous Forest: A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 74, 1201-1212.

Lippitt, C. D., J. Rogan, J. Toledano, F. Sangermano, J. R. Eastman, V. Mastro, and A. Sawyer. 2008. Incorporating Anthropogenic Variables into a Species Distribution Model to Estimate the Risk of Gypsy Moth Establishment in Uninfested Portions of the United States. Ecological Modelling 210/3: 339-350.

Administrative Duties

  • Computing and Facilities Coordinator
  • Budget Committee Member