Some of our Graduates

Student YearThesis/Project TitleWhat career began after graduation?Who was the first employer after graduation?
Savannah Quintana-Eddins2023Impacts of Urban Renewal on Community Identity and Sense of Place in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Joshua Driscol2023abqMaps: An Environmental Justice Map for Albuquerque, New Mexico
Westin Guthrie2023Projecting Vegetation Condition and Fire Risk in Southern California
Michael Gurule2023The Impact of Transfer Learning for Ungulate Recognition at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge
Samantha Stroud2023The Affective Landscapes of Herbalism in New Mexico

Desiree Loggins

2022The Nature of Environmental Planning in the Carnué Land Grant

Marissa Heller

2022Rock Climbing and Conservation in Land Management: Can they Coexist?

Liu Zhuoming

2022Individual Exposure potential Assessment for Livestock Based on Spatial-Temporal Analysis of GPS Data and Behavior Patterns Classification in Cove Wash Watershed, Arizona

Shannon Pepper

2021Weedy Relations: Narratives of invasion and intimacy with tamarisk in the Chihuahuan Desert

Ellen Loechner

2021Nuanced Network: How Social Relationships and Power Influence Participation in Private Lands Conservation Programs

Nicole Caruana

2021Examining Psilocybina and LSD through a Geographic Lens

Laurel Ladwig

2020Backyard Wildfire Refuges in Albuquerque, NM: An Urban Land Ethic in Practice
Rowan Converse2020Assessing Drought Vegetation Dynamics at the Landscape Scale in Semiarid Grass- and Shrubland Using MESMA
Aron Roberts2020An Analysis of Contraflow Network Resiliency Under Mass Evacuation Conditions in Houston, Texas
Tucker Colvin2020Drinking Water Governance For Whom? An Institutional Analysis of Rural Drinking Water Systems in New Mexico
Anthony Meluso2019La gota que colma la caguama: Cummulative Tensions Transformed into the Defense of Water
Jacob Wikle2019Drone Based Aerial Survey: Using Drones to Replace Traditional Field Survey Methods for Determining Peak Streamflow
Alexander Marx2019Geospatial Technologies to Detect and Visualize Potential Urban Farmland for Neighborhood Revitalization
Ian Hill2019A hybrid GIS/in situ analysis of AED coverage on the UNM central campus
Brendan Nixon2019Engaging Sacred Space and Experiencing God in the Mountains: A Study of the Non-traditional Worship Environment of Mountain Cathedrals, An Ecumenical Meetup Group Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Daniel Beene2019Adjudication and the Adaptive Capacity of Pecan Farmers in the Lower Rio Grande
Sean O'Neill2019Mapping Health in New Mexico's Forests: A High Performance, Cloud based, UserFriendly, Continuously Updated Forest Health Web Mapping Application
Kristian Mueller2019Assessing How Terrain Representations and Scale Affect the Accuracy of Distance Estimates
Anjanette Hawk2018Impact of Drought on Land Cover Changes in Diné Bikéyah – A Study through Remote Sensing
Zachary Taraschi2018Evaluating the Utility of Object-Based Image Analysis for Ecological Monitoring of Pinon-Juniper Mortality
Akashia Allen2018Evaluating Field- and Image-based Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Vegetation Change at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge
Hayley Hajic2018Water Quality Assessment in the Santa Fe River: Tracking Pollution Sources via Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis
Samuel Thompson2018How the Proximity of Crime Impacts Housing Prices: A Hedonic Pricing Study of Inner-Loop Houston, TX
Courtney Brock2018Urban Animals: GIS Analysis of Stray Canines and Felines in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jane Motsinger2018Virtuous discourse in the specialty coffee sector: How social responsibility practices fragment pursuits for a supply chain 
Gladys Valentin-Gonzalez2018Assessment of Vegetation Response to Wildfire at Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico: Case Study of the Las Conchas Fire
William Brewer2017Assessing Drought-Induced Change in a Piñon-Juniper Woodland with Landsat: A Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis ApproachPh.D. StudentSDSU-UCSB Joint Doctoral Program in Geography
Susanna Diller2017Human Experience of Fountain Spaces in Denver and Albuquerquegeospatial analystUNM Earth Data Analysis Center
Aaron Russell2017Social Perceptions of Solar Power: Using Q-Methodology to Explore the Evolution of Solar Energy Conversations in the San Luis Valley of Southern ColoradoPh.D. StudentCollege of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, University of Delaware
Sagert Sheets2017Implementing the Distance Decay Function in an Enhanced Two-Step Floating Catchment Area Analysis and Interpreting Its Effect on Results: A Tool for Geographic Information Systems.geospatial analyst
Jordan Stone2017Forests on the Edge of Nature: Restoration and Concepts of Nature in Northern New Mexicoenvironmental management
Pankaj Bajracharya2016Modeling Urban Growth and Land Use Change in Albuquerque using SLEUTHPh.D. StudentDepartment of Geography, UNC-Greensboro
Tina Faris2016Framework for Assessing Integrated Water Resources Management in Latin America: Case Studies of Buenos Aires and São Pauloenvironmental managementKansas Dept of Health and Environment: Bureau of Air
Marshall Grebe2016Project: Designing a Broadband Radio Transmission System for Time-sensitive Remote Sensinggeospatial analystAlbuquerque Water Authority
Alissa Healy2016A Comparison of Presence Only Suitability Models to Accurately Identify Prehistoric Agricultural Fields in Western New Mexico Through Remote SensingarcheologistNorth Wind Group
Bryce Locket2016Project: Economic analysis of a proposed ‘Acequia Park”geospatial analystSandia National Laboratory
Andrew Loerch2016Modeling the Timeliness of Airborne Remote Sensing DataPh.D. StudentSDSU/UCSB Joint Doctoral Program in Geography
Erinn Manning2016Plan II professional projectcartographerU.S. Forest Service
Greg Maynard2016GIS modeling for road maintenance priority planninggeospatial analystBohannon Huston
Kilko Paz2016Plan II professional project
Nicholas Thompson2016Land Cover Change During a Transition in Land Management at Valles Caldera 1989-2013geospatial analystIsletta Pueblo
Peter Callahan2015Energy resource management
Veronica Chavez2015Community development in New Mexicogeospatial analystNew Mexico Office of the State Engineer
Willard Hunter2015Distortion and Revolution in Texas U.S. Congressional Redistricting Politics: 1972-2014
Bryan Kinworthy2015New Mexico Rock Glacier Inventory: Analysis of Geomorphology and PaleogeographyPh.D. StudentDepartment of Geography, University of Calgary
Roberto Valdez2015A Case Study in Toponomy: Sampling and Classifying a Tri-Lingual Place Name Inventory Found in North-Central New Mexico instructorNorthern New Mexico University
Su Zhang2015Assessing the utility of nighttime light satellite imagery for adjusting cost estimate by project locationgeospatial analyst/research engineerUNM Earth Data Analysis Center
Crystiana Baca-Bosiljevic2014Connecting People and Place: Farmers, Resilience, and the Future of Smallholder Farms in Albuquerqueenvironmental management
Saundra Daras2014Crime and Immigration in Albuquerque, NM — Real or Misperception?IT specialistNetwork Coverage
Sarah Haft2014Blue carbon conservation analysis for mangrove forests in Madagascarenvironmental management
Maureen Meyer2014Since I Know Myself: A Cultural Examination of Medicinal Plant Use in the Commonwealth of DominicaFulbright ScholarCameroun
Imogen Ainsworth2013Evaluation of the City of Santa Fe's Basin Study: Resilience Thinking and Adaptive Capacity in a Preliminary Assessment of Climate Change and the Santa Fe Watershed
Michael Camponovo2013Assessing Uncertainty in Volunteered Geographic Information for Emergency Responsegeospatial analystgeospatial scientist department of geography at the University of Tennessee Knoxville
Eric Cox2013The Effect of Airport Delays on the Evolution of the U.S. Air Travel Network
Stephen Griego2013Restraurant regions : an ecological community based model of restaurant chain distribution in the United StatesPh.D. StudentDepartment of Communication and Journalism, UNM
Mark Lawler2013Non-Federal/Federal Collaborators in Endangered Species Driven River Restoration: How Risk and Incentive Mobilize Institutional Supply in the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Programenvironmental management
Kris Lindgren2013Plan II professional projectgeospatial analystNew Mexico mining industry
Erin Marchand2013The Effect of Geography and Personal Experience on Attitudes and Perceptions of the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction
Martin Martinez2013
William Maxwell2013To Thrive, Work, and Live: Progress toward and Challenges to Sustainability on the Frei Gondim Settlement, Pernambuco, BrazilPh.D. StudentDepartment of Geography, UNC-Chapel Hill
Autumn Carr2012Plan II professional project: Mock intelligence assessment of Iranintelligence analystU.S. Department of Defense
George Keyes2012Historical GIS of Civil War campaigns in New Mexicooptometrist
Sarrah Kubinec2012Plan II professional projectenvironmental managementBuffalo Niagara Waterkeeper
Choongman Oh2012geospatial analystESRI-Korea
Knutt Peterson2012Remediation of Sand Dune Blowouts Along Pipeline Right of Waysenvironmental managementBureau of Land Management
Matthew Gagnon2011The Valles Caldera: Recreationists' Perspectives on Access and Managementenvironmental management
Katherine Lenzer2011Characterizing the Local Food Environment in Albuquerque, New Mexico: A Dual Perspective of Retailer and Consumerhealth policy analystRobert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy Research, UNM
Steve P. Linger2011Spatial-temporal neighborhood-scale urban water demand estimation
Destiny Mitchell2011Determining Historic Ethnic Changes in Sierra County and New Mexico 1870-2000
Peggy Allison (now Deaton)2010Cartographic construction of the Mt. Taylor Traditional Cultural Propertygeospatial analystU.S. National Park Service
Natalie Heberling2010Prehistoric Roads of New Mexico: A Synthesis of GIS and Remote Sensing Techniquesgeospatial analyst
Drew Ignizio2010Suitability modeling and the location of utility-scale solar power plants in the southwestern United Statesgeospatial analystU.S. Geological Survey
Lisa Arnold2009Positional accuracy of the Wide Area Augmentation Systemgeospatial analyst
Calvin Tribby2009Assessing the effects of new public transportation routes : an equity analysis on the changing accessibility of Albuquerque, New MexicoPh.D. StudentDepartment of Geography, University of Utah
Kathleen Hawkos2008Cooperative roles of geographic information science in identifying boundary uncertainty : a case study in The Bureau of Land Management's Manzano Wilderness Study Area
Cody Wiley2008Eagle Vision : new directions in K-12 GISinstructor/lab technicianUniversity of New Mexico

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