Annual Graduate Student Awards

The department annually recognizes achievement amongst graduate students through two awards. 

  • The Outstanding Graduate Student Award signifies outstanding overall accomplishment in scholarship, teaching, and/or service. 
  • The Departmental Citizenship Award acknowledges outstanding service to the department community. 

Each award is commemorated by plaques in the department, and through awards to the recipients.

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Outstanding Graduate Student Award for 2020 goes to Tucker Colvin

Every semester, Tucker has taught multiple sections of our introductory physical geography lab course. 

In Spring 2020, he had more than 70 students, and successfully managed this load without complaint even in the emergency transition to online teaching. 

Despite his teaching responsibilities, Tucker finished his degree in two years with Distinction, the highest academic honor the department bestows on graduate degrees. 

Tucker has also been a service leader, as president of the department’s student group SAGES, and as an effective, voluntary, departmental representative at outreach events.

Congratulations, Tucker!

Departmental Citizenship Award

Departmental Citizenship Award for 2020 goes to all the Teaching Assistants in Spring 2020 semester:

  • Nicole Caruana
  • Shannon Pepper
  • Tucker Colvin
  • Zhuoming “Leo” Liu
  • Alexandra Vivier
  • Laurel Ladwig (who is a graduate student Instructor)

These individuals not only faced the challenges that all students had when their coursework shifted online, but they also had to shift online the classes that they themselves taught. 

Their teaching work was crucial to continuing departmental instruction and student support in the post-COVID half of the semester. 

This award acknowledges the challenges they overcame, and recognizes the importance of their contributions to the department's continued operation. 

Congratulations and thanks to Nicole, Shannon, Tucker, Leo, Alix, and Laurel!