Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts Graduates

The following individuals have completed Bachelor’s degrees in Geography:

  1. graduation_small.jpgBrian Caslow
  2. Jason Farmer
  3. Jack Jackson
  4. Jacob Lee
  5. Timber Mabes* (second major in Religious Studies)
  6. Devin Muzzey* (second major in Communication and Journalism)
  7. Rafen Page* (second major in International Studies)
  8. Onno Rademaker
  9. Indumati Roychowdhury** (second major in English)
  10. Samantha Salazar (second major in Anthropology)
  11. John Sandlin*
  12. Jade Tencza

* Completed degree with GPA >3.5
** Completed degree with GPA >4.0

Undergraduate Commencement Cait L. Lippitt