Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Graduates

Grad commencement Chris D. Lippitt

Master of Science in Geography

The following individuals have completed Master’s degrees in Geography:

Tucker Colvin, MS

Tucker Colvin worked with his advisor, Prof. Benjamin Warner, to complete his thesis, “Drinking Water Governance for Whom? An Institutional Analysis of Rural Drinking Water Systems in New Mexico”. 

As a Teaching Assistant, Tucker has taught nearly 200 undergraduates in our introductory physical geography lab course. 

He plans a career in water resources management.  

Awarded Thesis Distinction

Advisor Benjamin Warner on Tucker Colvin, MS

Rowan Converse

Rowan Converse worked with advisor Prof. Christopher Lippitt to complete the thesis "Assessing drought vegetation dynamics at the landscape scale in semiarid grass- and shrubland using MESMA".

In Fall 2020, Rowan will continue her research in remote sensing and spatial analysis as a member of the inaugural cohort of the department’s new Ph.D. program. 

Awarded Thesis Distinction

Advisor Chris Lippitt on Rowan Converse, MS Summer 2020

Ian Hill

Ian Hill graduated in Fall 2019.  He worked with his advisor, Prof. Scott Freundschuh, to complete the project, “A Hybris GIS/in situ Analysis of AED Coverage on the UNM Central Campus”. 

Ian has worked with the National Park Service for several years, and will continue on this career pathway.

Ian Hill, MS Fall 2019

Laurel Ladwig

Laurel Ladwig worked with advisor Prof. Maria Lane to complete her thesis, “Backyard Wildlife Refuges in Albuquerque, NM: An Urban Land Ethic in Practice”. 

Laurel was the recipient of the Departmental Citizenship Award in Spring 2019, and has taught dozens of undergraduates as a Teaching Assistant and Instructor for several courses. 

She will continue to work in the field of wildlife conservation in Albuquerque, in the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge and other sites.  

Awarded Thesis Distinction

Advisor Maria Lane on Laurel Ladwig

Aron Roberts

Aron Roberts worked with advisor Prof. Christopher Lippitt to complete the thesis “An Analysis of Contraflow Network Resiliency Under Mass Evacuation Conditions in Houston, Texas”. 

Aron has already begun working as a geospatial analyst for Albuquerque Public Schools. 

Awarded Thesis Distinction

Advisor Chris D. Lippitt on Aron Roberts (MS Summer 2020)

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography

The department’s Ph.D. program will begin in Fall 2020, but in recent years we have had several students complete doctorates in Latin American Studies with Concentration in Geography. This year, one individual has completed this degree.

Natali Caceres Arteaga

Natali Caceres Arteaga worked with Prof. Maria Lane, to complete the dissertation, “Climate Change Adaptation in Highland Ecuador: Intersections of Gender, Geography, and Knowledge in Farming Communities”. 

Since 2013, Natali has been a Professor at the Central University of Ecuador in the Department of Agricultural Sciences. 

Now that she has completed her Ph.D., Natali hopes to design a specialized center for climate change at Central University in order to support academic research programs and contribute to long-term environmental planning tool of Ecuador.

Advisor Maria Lane on Natalie Caceres Arteaga