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GES invited to be represented as Albuquerque joins Paris Climate Agreement

Left to right are Mayor Tim Keller, Dr. Tema Milstein,
and Dr. John Carr, following the signing

The Geography & Environmental Studies Department was acknowledged by Albuquerque’s Mayor Keller at his signing of a vow to support the Paris Climate Agreement on Thursday, Jan. 11, at the city’s Open Space Center.


Mayor Keller signed the documents to join the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda outdoors with the Sandia Mountains in the background and migratory Sandhill cranes and Canada geese grazing in the nearby fields.  In doing so, he joined many mayors across the country in adopting the guidelines of the Paris Climate Agreement that the US federal government pulled out of in June 2017, and made Albuquerque the third city in the state to do so, after Santa Fe and Las Cruces.


GES, invited and acknowledged by the mayor during his announcement, was represented at the event by Dr. Tema Milstein, who specializes in environmental studies and ecocultural relations, and Dr. John Carr, who specializes in urban and legal studies.


For an Albuquerque Journal story on the event, go here: