Featured Map August 2022

The GeoAIR lab team, under the direction of Dr. Liping Yang, has just released an interactive web app named iLit4GEE-AI, which is designed to serve as the central clearinghouse for literature for researchers interested in Google Earth Engine (GEE) and geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI).  GEE is a cloud-based analytical tool that allows people worldwide to conduct analyses using Google Earth’s satellite image database, and GeoAI are the tools and concepts that allow people to maximize the ability of computer systems to tackle challenging geographic problems such as climate change. 

The iLit4GEE-AI web app was developed by Dr. Yang and Geography graduate students Ms. Sarigai Sarigai, and Mr. Joshua Driscol, for a recent article published with UNM colleagues Dr. Haifei Chen and Dr. Christopher Lippitt (both of UNM), and Dr. Qiusheng Wu (of the University of Tennessee).  Their paper, “Google Earth Engine and Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Comprehensive Review”, has received worldwide attention, and is among the top six most-viewed articles in the leading journal Remote Sensing).  The iLit4GEE-AI web app has been used around the world, as shown on this map of visitors to the website Github, where the app is available.

The GeoAIR lab team is developing an online form that will allow users to submit future publications, so that iLit4GEE-AI will remain an up-to-date resource for GEE + AI scholars and practitioners.  Stay tuned for the online form, and help keep iLit4GEE-AI a globally important resource for geospatial research!

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