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Funding Opportunities

Snead Scholarships

The Snead Scholarship are offered on an annual  basis to support student travel to academic conferences. For the 2016-17 competition, it is restricted to graduate students in GES. Future competitions will be open to both graduate and undergraduate students.


Graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled in any program within the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (GES) at UNM may apply. Past recipients of the Snead Scholarship are eligible to apply in subsequent academic years.


The maximum award is $500 per academic year for conference travel related to academic research.



The following items must be submitted in both paper and digital formats by the deadline. Digital files (MSWord or PDF format) should be sent by email, with “Snead Scholarship Application” in the email’s subject line. Paper copies should be submitted to the department office. (Visit links below for detailed guidelines.)

  • Cover sheet 
  • Summary
  • Budget 
  • Copy of your completed registration form (or proof of conference)
  • Presentation abstract



Applications will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • 1.     Completeness.  Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • 2.     Merit.  Factors include:
    • a.    Applicant’s academic/professional interests and stage in degree program.
    • b.    Quality of conference presentation or research project as described in the summary.
  • 3.     Benefits.  Factors include:
    • a.    Description of how the presentation/research project will benefit the applicant.
    • b.    Description of how the presentation/research project will benefit the fields of Geography and Environmental Studies.
  • 4.     Clarity of the written summary.
  • 5.     Budget.  Factors include:
    • a.    Whether applicant pursued other sources of funding.
    • b.    Budget clarity and organization.


Scolarships with Deadlines

apply for the 2018 GIS in the Rockies Student Scholarships.  Scholarships ($1000 each) will be awarded to one undergraduate and one graduate student.  Deadline for completed application is June 21, 2018.  More information at: