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UNM resources

In general, it is most efficient to start with the department faculty member who is directly responsible for the area in which you may have concerns:

  • Undergraduate issues: Scott Freundschuh (undergrad program director),
  • Graduate issues: John Carr (grad program director),
  • General issues: Maria Lane (department chair),
  • Issues that involve the chair: Mindy Benson (associate chair)

In the event an issue cannot be resolved within the department, the next step is to contact the relevant person in the dean’s office for the College of Arts & Sciences:

  • HR/Personnel issues for staff: Rob Armijo (HR administrator), >
  • HR/Personnel issues for faculty: Shirley Rey Lovato (college administrator),
  • Other faculty issues: Phil Ganderton (associate dean for faculty),
  • Student/classroom issues: Diane Marshall (associate dean for curriculum),
  • General issues: Mark Peceny (dean of the college),

 Please note that although HR representatives report to senior leadership within a School or College, it is UNM’s intent that these personnel remain neutral. If the College cannot help resolve the issue satisfactorily, concerns may be elevated to the Provost’s office:

 Although it is always recommended that concerns be raised within this “chain of command” for maximum efficiency, there are a variety of other options available to you at UNM:

  • Any concern can be reported anonymously to the UNM Hotline: 1-888-899-6092
  • The University Division of Human Resources investigates allegations related to violation of personnel policies.
  • The University Office of Equal Opportunity investigates all Civil Rights issues, such as discrimination and/or sexual harassment.
  • The University Department of Safety and Risk Services investigates allegations concerning safety or an unsafe work environment.
  • The Internal Audit Department investigates allegations concerning the handling of University financial matters, documents, information, or equipment.
  • The University Police Department investigates allegations concerning security or criminal activity.


UNM policy provides strong protections for those reporting suspected misconduct, and whistleblowers are explicitly protected from retaliation (see section 2200). 


Although we all hope that problematic issues will not arise during the course of your work and studies, troublesome behaviors or issues do sometimes arise. I encourage you to use available resources when needed, starting with department-level resources whenever possible. Our department is fully committed to UNM’s two Respectful Campus policies (for Faculty and Staff, see below) which are intended to ensure that Faculty, Staff, and Students work together in a mutually respectful, psychologically-healthy environment.

 C09 Respectful Campus (Faculty Handbook):

 UAP #2240 Respectful Campus (Staff Policy):