Spatial Computing Lab

The Geography and Environmental Studies computing lab is located in Room 106, in Bandelier East Hall (building 8 on campus maps).


Fall 2020 Bandelier East Spatial Computing Lab hours and information:

Monday - Thursday lab hours are 9AM-5PM
Friday lab hours are 9AM-3PM


There are NO classes scheduled in the lab during Fall 2020. 

No walk ins are allowed at this time, please. 

Face masks, gloves, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer have been provided by the department and  are available inside the lab.  Click the link below to reserve time:

Click This Link To Reserve Time In Spatial Computing Lab



Theron Moore (Lab Manager): MONDAY-FRIDAY 8am-12pm
Jahro Parrish (Student Employee): MONDAY-FRIDAY 12pm-3pm


Teaching / Research Assistants:

Ellen Loechner: MONDAY 3pm-5pm
Nicole Caruana: TUESDAY 3pm-5pm
Ramona Malyczynski: WEDNESDAY 3pm-5pm
Blair Mirka: THURSDAY 3pm-5pm
Ria Mukerji 10am-12pm FRIDAY

Equipment available for Checkout:

Garmin GPS Units

IR Thermometers

Water Monitoring Kits

165ft tape measure

USB Microphone

Immersion Blenders

Stainless Steel Cups

For questions regarding the lab facilities, contact Nathan Holscher (, 505 277-5018)