The Geography Department offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree, and a Master of Science degree. The BA and BS degrees prepare majors for one of two career paths, or for entrance into the MS Program. The BA degree acknowledges general competency in Geography for those seeking careers in either applied geography or environmental management. The GIScience minor is ideally suited for majors from many A&S departments, as well as from other Schools at UNM. These technologies are finding many practical applications in the social and physical sciences, engineering, health care, architecture and planning, and legal professions.

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Undergraduate Advisor
Melinda Harm Benson,

World cultures represent a diverse fabric of socioeconomic endeavors. To sustain human populations in their physical and cultural milieus, environmental managers and geographic information scientists work with resource managers, economists, land planners, and land developers to make more informed decisions about places. Geography has sharpened its traditional stature among core disciplines by leading the development of spatial analytical theory, methods and techniques. Geography is both a physical and a social science because geographers cannot study societies and their technologies without also studying the environments in which they exist. The department’s programs focus on environmental management that is, human / environment interactions; and GI-Science, that is, Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS), and spatial statistics.

  • Admissions
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science 
  • Honors
  • Minor in Geography
  • Minor in Law, Environment and Geography
  • Minor in Geography Information Science (GIScience)