Current Graduate Students

Peter Callanhan
Track: Environmental Studies
Undergrad degree: BA History, Princeton University
Academic Interests: Renewable Energy, Natural Resource Management, Human-Environmental Interaction
Jordy Hicks
Track: Environmental Studies
Undergrad degree: BA Education (Secondary)
Academic Interests: Recreation Ecology, Public Land Management, National Parks, BIogeography, Urban Ecology
Ian Hill
Track: Environmental Studies
Undergrad degree:BS Exercise Science, Utah State University; BA Spanish, University of Utah
Academic Interests: Outdoor Recreation, Language, Land Use
Willard Hunter
Track: GIScience
Undergrad degree: BA Chemistry, Texas Wesleyan University; MA Political Science, UNM
Academic Interests: Political GIS
Brian Kinworthy
Track: Environmental Studies
Undergrad degree: BS Geography, Missouri State University
Academic Interests: Physical Geography, Glacier&Periglacial Geomorphology, Urban Geography, Climatology
Erinn Manning
Track: GIScience
Undergrad degree:BS Geography& Environmental Studies, UNM
Academic Interests: Cartography, Camping&Hiking, Gardening
Greg Maynard
Track: GIScience
Undergrad degree:BS Geography, Penn State University
Academic Interests: Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing, Geovisulization
Kilko Paz Rivera
Undergrad degree:BS Computer Sciences, Valley University, Bolivia
Academic Interests:Remote Sensing, Web Mapping, GIS, Web Development & Design, Database Management & Design, GIS Programming, and Project Management.
Sam Thompson
Track: GIScience
Undergrad degree: BS Economics, Texas Christian University
Academic Interests: Hedonic Pricing, Geography of Crime, GIScience


Recent Graduates

Choongman Oh Focus: GIS
Interests: Evacuation Planning for Natural Disaster Events, especially wildfire in Los Alamos county
Eric Cox Focus: GIS
Interests: GIS Development, Airline Networks, Spatial Wildlife Ecological Management, and Remote Sensing
Erin Marchand Focus: Natural Resource Management
Interests: Environmental Management, specifically in reference to animal and resource management; Human and Environmental Interactions
Other: Teaching Assistant for Geog – 381 (Introduction to GIS); Research Assistant