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Social Culture Geography

What can I do with a degree in Geography?

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Cultural and human geographers study the aspects of geography that relate to different cultures. They especially focus on cultural origins and movement and the cultural characteristics of regions.


  • Cultural Resources
  • Historic Preservation
  • Historical Consultation
  • Community Development/Redevelopment
  • Education
  • Research


  • State, Regional and Local Government
  • Peace Corps
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Companies dealing with insurance, transportation, communications and international trade
  • Scientific and research groups
  • Museums


  • Develop an open mind towards the language, history, customs and culture of other countries.
  • Learn how to conduct library research, make field observations and interpret artifacts.
  • Learn a foreign language for field observations in other countries.
  • Participate in cross-cultural groups and organizations.
  • Develop excellent communication and teamwork skills in order to work with historians and archivists in recreating the geography of the past.
  • Obtain related experience in your area of interest through volunteer or paid positions including internships.
  • Become skilled in related computer technology.
  • Learn federal, state and local government job application process.