Advising Guidelines


First semester

•Student works with interim adviser, as assigned in offer letter

• 501 instructor alerts interim adviser of any progress issues

Second semester

• Committee formation by February 1: Student confirms committee chair in 502 course

  • on Feb 1: 502 instructor reports committee chair selections to Department Administrator (DA)
  • by April 1: Student selects committee members in 502 course and submits signed committee form to GES office
  • on April 1: DA reviews faculty eligibility for committee members listed on form; submits grad-faculty request to Graduate Studies if needed; then files committee form in student personnel file

• Program of Study (POS)

  • early April: Student submits draft POS in 502 course; instructor sends POS to grad director; grad director review POS for errors/concerns/signature
  • by April 15: student submits signed POS to GES office
  • on April 15: DA files/copies POS and forwards it to Graduate Studies

• Progress issues

  • 502 instructor alerts committee chair of any progress issues as needed

• Chair/Committee revisions

  • Student submits revised committee form to GES office
  • DA updates department file with any new committee forms submitted

• Exemptions

  • Student requests approval from grad director for POS exemptions, if needed
  • Grad director writes memos, submits to GES office
  • DA files/copies memos, submits to OGS Semester before graduation

• first week of semester: Grad director reminds students that POS should be submitted/updated by OGS deadline

• by OGS deadline: Student submits revised POS to GES office, if needed

• mid-semester: DA coordinates with students & grad director to update graduation list

• last week of semester: DA confirms with student that committee form is correct and that student is enrolled in proper credits for final semester

• last week of semester: DA submits graduation list to Graduate Studies during the semester of graduation

By Sep 1 for fall or Feb 1 for spring

  • Student schedules defense date/time with committee 
  • Student works with DA to schedule room
  • DA reminds student/adviser to submit Announcement of Exam form

Two weeks before defense

  • Student submits Announcement of Exam form to GES office
  • DA files/copies announcement and submits to OGS
  • DA forwards title/date to website coordinator for online posting
  • DA send announcement to email lists
  • DA notifies assessment coordinator At or after MS defense

• Advisor completes Report of Examination form, with committee signatures

• Comm. members complete Report on Thesis form (if Plan I), submit to committee chair

• Adviser submits all paperwork to Dept chair for signature; chair submits to GES office

• DA files/copies all paperwork, submits to OGS

• Committee completes assessment forms; submits to assessment coordinator