Spatial Computing Lab

The Geography and Environmental Studies Spatial Computing Lab (SCL) is located in Room 106, in Bandelier East Hall (which is building number 008 on the main campus map).
For the Summer 2024 semester, the spatial computing lab will be open Monday 9am to 4pm, Tuesday 9am to 4pm and Wednesday 9am to 3pm and can be accessed using either of the buildings entrance doors (it's closest to the buildings East entrance).
There are general use/open lab hours each day (designated in Green) which can be viewed by clicking here (.pdf). In order to ensure the health and safety of the labs numerous users we request that all lab patrons adhere to the labs usage guidelines which can be viewed by clicking here (.pdf).

In addition to using the SCL on campus you can also access several of our lab systems software applications through UNM's remote system called Lobo Virtual Desktop.

Lobo Virtual Desktop ( allows you 24-hour, secure access to UNM computer applications from your personal computer or other web-enabled devices. You do not need to install the applications on your personal device, and you do not need to purchase specialized hardware.
In order to use the virtual desktop, you must have internet access and utilize Microsoft Remote Dekstop to access it. In addition, to get the best performance you will need to use a high speed internet. If you are using a lower-speed connection you may experience significant delays when using many of Lobo Virtual Desktop applications; if you are using a Macintosh computer, some applications will not function correctly.

The Lobo Virtual Desktop enables you to run common and specialized software used in geography, such as Adobe Creative Cloud Programs, ArcGIS, Maxon Microsoft Office Programs, PTC Creo, R 4.2.1, R Studio, and SPSS, with very minimal setup.

User guides to accessing and using the Lobo Virtual Desktop can be viewed here.

In addition to the campus wide programs available on Lobo Virtual Desktop the GES department has it's own special remote environment available through Lobo Virtual Desktop which contains additional specific GIS software (i.e., ENVI, QGIS). To gain access to this special environment (named "GES Desktops") please email your instructor/advisor requesting to be granted access to it. After which once you have been granted access to the environment you'll be able to conduct GIS work utilizing additional GIS software not available through Lobo Virtual Desktop.

Equipment available for Checkout:

Garmin GPS Units

IR Thermometers

Water Monitoring Kits

165ft tape measure

USB Microphone

Immersion Blenders

Stainless Steel Cups

For questions regarding the lab facilities, contact Mark Evans (