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Faculty Profiles

Department Chair
Maria Lane

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin
Bandelier Hall West – Room 224 (505) 277-0518
Interests: historical geography, environmental knowledge, colonialism, american west and southwest, atlantic basin, history and geography of science, history of cartography, legal geography

Ronda Brulotte

Associate Professor; Associate Director, Latin American & Iberian Institute; Speaker Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin
Bandelier Hall West Rm 206
Interests: food systems, tourism geography, critical heritage studies, commodities and materialism, transnational indigeneity, Mexico, Latin America

John N. Carr

Associate Professor (On Leave; unavailible)
Ph.D., University of Washington; J.D., University of Texas-Austin
Bandelier Hall West – Room 201
Interests: uban geography, globalization and post colonialism, legal geography, critical theory, public space and culture, activist research methods

Chris S. Duvall

Associate Professor; Associate Department Chair
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bandelier Hall West – Room 220
Interests: biogeography, cultural and historical ecology, African diaspora, food geography, science studies

Scott M. Freundschuh

Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
Bandelier Hall West – Room 222
Interests: Geographic Information Science, spatial cognition, spatial information design, cartography

Xi Gong

Visiting Assitant Professor; Outreach and Communication Coordinator
Ph.D., Texas State University
Bandelier Hall West – Room 213
Interests: Geographic Information Science, health and the environment, spatio-temporal data mining, GIS-Based Modeling

Constantine Hadjilambrinos

Associate Professor; Learning Assessment Coordinator
Ph.D., University of Delaware 
Bandelier Hall West – Room 202
 energy resources, environmental policy, science-technology-and society, relationship between culture and nature

Yan Lin

Assistant Professor; Computing Coordinator
Ph.D., Texas State University 

Bandelier Hall West – Room 212 
Interests: Geographic Information Science (GIS), spatial data analysis, webGIS, health and medial geography, spatial epidemiology, health disparities

Caitlin Lippitt 

Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Program Director, Physical Geography Coordinator
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara and San Diego State University 
Bandelier Hall West – Room 219 
Interests: biogeography, invasive species, remote sensing of vegetation, fire ecology, the role of disturbance in plant communities. To learn more: GEM Lab

Chris Lippitt 

Associate Professor; Special Assistant to Associate Dean; Graduate program Director
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara and San Diego State University 
Bandelier Hall West – Room 203 
Interests: remote sensing; geographic information science; time-sensitive geographic information. To learn more: GEM Lab


Benjamin P. Warner

Assistant Professor 
Ph.D., Arizona State University
Bandelier Hall West - 215 
Interests: water governance and institutions, Latin American development; vulnerability, risk, and adaptation to environmental change, political economy, development studies, mixed methods

Adjunct Faculty

Karl Benedict

Associate Professor: CULLS
Dir of Research Data Services: CULLS
Associate Professor: Geography

Ph.D. Anthropology, University of New Mexico
Teaching: web mapping, spatial data management

Joni Palmer

Ph.D. Geography, University of Colorado-Boulder
Expertise: urban geography, cultural planning, landscape studies, public art, visual representation

Cody Wiley

Cody WileyAdjunct Faculty
M.S. Geography, University of New Mexico
Teaching: online sections of Human Geography, Physical Geography, and World Regiona Geography

Su Zhang

Senior Research Engineer: Earth Data Analysis Center
Research Assistant Professor: Department of Civil Engineering
Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico
Teaching: Remote Sensing, Cartography, Geovisualization

Emeritus Faculty

Elinore M. Barrett

Ph.D., University of California Berkeley

Bradley T. Cullen

Ph.D., Michigan State University; Deceased

Olen Paul Matthews

Ph.D., University of Washington; J.D., University of Idaho

Stanley A. Morain

Ph.D., University of Kansas