On-Campus Resources for Students


Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) 

This is the administrative seat of graduate education on campus. OGS offers a range of resources to students, and is the place to go when you have questions about requirements for a graduate degree. To learn more, visit their website: https://grad.unm.edu/resources/index.html.   

Graduate Resource Center

The mission of the Graduate Resource Center is to increase graduate student retention, reduce time to degree completion, and foster graduate student learning communities across the University of New Mexico through writing, statistics, and research support facilitated by peer consultations and workshops that help students develop strategies to be effective academics, researchers, and professionals.  Visit their website here: unmgrc.unm.edu 

Other Resource Centers

The GRC is just one of many centers that serve different groups of students.  For other resource centers, visit: https://students.unm.edu/find-your-pack/resource-centers.html and http://dos.unm.edu/resources/resources.html 

Funding for Graduate Students at UNM 

UNM provides graduate student funding in a variety of forms.  Many students receive funding through service awards such as assistantships, which are generally offered through the student's program or department.  Some assistantships are offered through campus or student organizations (for listings, check "Employment Opportunities" below or contact an organization or department directly, as not all organizations and departments list their assistantships through Graduate Studies). 

Students often obtain funding through non-service awards, such as fellowships, grants, and scholarships.  You can apply for support based funding solely on need, in the form of work-study and loans, through the University Financial Aid Office.  You can also apply for extramural support by contacting national, international, or private foundations directly.  Learn more about funding possibilities via this link: grad.unm.edu/funding/index.html 

Office of the Institutional Review Board (OIRB) 

The commitment of the OIRB is to promote the safety and protection of people involved in human research by providing support, guidance, and education to facilitate ethical and scientifically sound research. The OIRB serves UNM Main and Branch Campus student, staff, and faculty researchers.  Visit their website: irb.unm.edu 

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar assists students with all matters regarding enrollment to the University.  The Office is the official source for all student academic records and is responsible for overseeing and managing all registration functions.  If you need to contact their office, visit: registrar.unm.edu