Faculty Research

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Liping Yang

Yang, L.Driscol, J., Sarigai, S., Wu, Q., Lippitt, C., & Morgan, M. (2022). Towards Synoptic Water Monitoring Systems: A Review of AI Methods for Automating Water Body Detection and Water Quality Monitoring Using Remote Sensing. Sensors 202222, 2416.  

Yang, L., & Cervone, G. (2019). Analysis of remote sensing imagery for disaster assessment using deep learning: a case study of flooding event. Soft Computing, 23(24), 13393-13408

Yang, L., MacEachren, A. M., Mitra, P., & Onorati, T. (2018). Visually-enabled active deep learning for (geo) text and image classification: a review. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 7(2), 65. 

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Ronda Brulotte

Brulotte, R. L. (2017). Alcohol and Ambivalence in Mexico and the Americas. Latin American Research Review, 52(5), 910–915. 

Chris Duvall

Duvall, C.S. (2019) The African Roots of Marijuana. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Duvall, C.S. (2019) A brief agricultural history of cannabis in Africa, from prehistory to canna-colony. EchoGéo(48): article 3.

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Miriam Gay-Antaki

Gay-Antaki, M. (2023). Embodied geographies of environmental justice: Toward the sovereign right to wholly inhabit oneself. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 0(0).

Gay-Antaki, Miriam. 2020. "Feminist Geographies of Climate Change: Negotiating Gender at Climate Talks." Geoforum 115: 1–10.

Gay-Antaki, Miriam, and Diana Liverman. 2018. "Climate for Women in Climate Science: Women Scientists and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115(9): 2060–65.

Gay-Antaki, Miriam. 2016. "'Now We Have Equality': A Feminist Political Ecology Analysis of Carbon Markets in Oaxaca, Mexico." Journal of Latin American Geography 15(3): 49–66.

Xi Gong

Gong, X., Zhan, F.B. 2022. A method for identifying critical time windows of maternal air pollution exposures associated with low birth weight in offspring using massive geographic data. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (online first)

Gong, X., Ye, X. 2021. Governors fighting crisis: Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic across U.S. states on Twitter. The Professional Geographer. 73:4, 683-701

Gong, X.*, Wang, Y. 2021. Exploring dynamics of sports fan behavior using social media big data – A case study of the 2019 National Basketball Association Finals. Applied Geography. 129(April 2021): 102438.

Maria Lane

 Lane, K. M. D. (2019) Commentary: Old and New. Special issue on “Interdisciplinary Research on Past Environments through the Lens of Historical-Critical Physical Geographies,” edited by Kirsten Greer, Katie Hemsworth, Adam Csank, and Kirby Calvert, Historical Geography 46: 151-159..

Dunnett, O. O., A. S. Maclaren, J. Klinger, K. M. D. Lane, D. Sage (2019) Geographies of outer space: progress and opportunities. Progress in Human Geography 43(2):314-336..

Cáceres-Arteaga, N., O. Ayala-Campaña, D. Rosero-Vaca, & K. M. D. Lane (2018) Historical climate analysis and projection of future climatic scenarios for the Andean canton of Pedro Moncayo, Ecuador. Revista Geográfica de America Central 3(61E): 297-318..


For additional research, visit Dr. Lane's: ResearchGate, Google Scholar 

Yan Lin

Lin, Y., Wan, N., Sagert, S., Gong, X., and Davies, A. 2018. A multimodal relative spatial access assessment approach to measure spatial accessibility to primary care providers. International Journal of Health Geographics 17:33.

Ni, J., Liang, M., Lin, Y., Wu, Y., Wang, C. 2019. Multi-Mode Two-Step Floating Catchment Area (2SFCA) Method to Measure the Potential Spatial Accessibility of Healthcare Services. International Journal of Geo-Information 8(5): 236


Marygold Walsh-Dilley

Walsh-Dilley, Marygold. 2020. “Resilience Compromised: Producing Vulnerability to Climate and Market among Quinoa Producers in Southwestern Bolivia.” Global Environmental Change 65: 102165. 

Walsh-Dilley, Marygold, Jami Nelson-Nuñez, Benjamin Warner, and Chris S. Duvall (eds). 2020. Special Issue: Rural Transformation in Latin America’s Changing Climate. Journal of Latin American Geography 19(3). 

Melinda Morgan

Morgan, M.M. (2020). Conservation-Reliant Species as a Boundary Object for Interdisciplinary Engagements, Idaho Law Review 56: 83-89.

Benson, M.H. (2019). New materialism: an ontology for the Anthropocene. Natural Resources Journal 56(2): 251-280.

Cait Lippitt

Lippitt, C.L., Stow, D.S., Roberts, D.A., Coulter, L. 2017. Multidate MESMA for monitoring vegetation growth forms in southern California shrublands. International Journal of Remote Sensing.DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2017.1388936.

Chris Lippitt

*Sa’Doun, Mohammad Mustafa, Christopher D. Lippitt, Gernot Paulus, Kerl-Heinrich Anders. 2021. A Comparison of Convolution Neural Network Architectures for Automated detection and Identification of Waterfowl in Complex Environments. GI Forum – Journal of Geographic Information Science, 2.


*Yuan, X., Smith, A., Sarlo, R., Lippitt, C. D., & Moreu, F. 2021. Automatic evaluation of rebar spacing using LiDAR data. Automation in Construction, 131, 103890


*Converse, R., C.D. Lippitt, and C.L. Lippitt. 2021. Assessing Drought Dynamics in Semiarid Grass- and Shrubland Using MESMA. Remote Sensing 2021, 13 (19), 3840.


*Research conducted by a student as a mentee 


Ben Warner

Warner, B. P., Gartner, J. D., & Hatch, C. E. (2017). Fluvial geomorphic assessment and river corridor mapping as flood risk management tools in Massachusetts, USA. Journal of Flood Risk Managementhttp://doi.org/10.1111/jfr3.12328

Warner, Benjamin P., Daniel L. Childers, Christopher Kuzdas, and Gabriela Stocks. 2018. “Smallholder Adaptation to Drought in Costa Rica’s Crony Capitalist Rice Economy.” Development and Change. http://doi:10.1111/dech.12420 

Warner, Benjamin P, and Christopher P Kuzdas. 2017. “The Role of Political Economy in Framing and Producing Transformative Adaptation.” Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 29. Elsevier B.V.: 69–74. http://doi:10.1016/j.cosust.2017.12.012