Assistantship Info

All Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants, and Project Assistants will be required to complete the trainings listed below on an annual basis in order to maintain eligibility for holding an assistantship.

  • BBP 100:  Bringing Back the Pack
  • (TAs and GAs only) FINPRV100:  Securing Private Data AND FINPRV102: Securing Private Data Exam (must complete within 30 days of start date)
  • Basic Annual Safety Training - 2020
  • Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination - 2020E
  • Active Shooter on Campus: Run, Hide, Fight – 2020

To complete the trainings, you must log into Learning Central and follow these instructions.

You need not complete all trainings in one session. All assistantship recipients who wish to remain eligible for extending their assistantship for the following calendar year must complete training by December 1st. 

Have questions about your assistantship? Need resources to complete your assistantship work?

Contact the Graduate Programs Director, Maria Lane.

Have questions about day-to-day tasks and semester plans?

Contact the professor who is instructing the course on which you are working, or who is supervising the research project to which you are contributing.

For information related to labor or the Collective Bargaining Agreement, please visit:
For information regarding academic aspects of assistantships, please visit: