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  • Anjanette Hawk "Impact of Drought on Land Cover Changes in Dine' Bike'yah--A study through Remote Sensing"

  • Sagert Sheets: Implementing the Distance Decay Function in Measures of Spatial Access to Health Resources and Interpreting Its Effect on Results: A Tool for Geographic Information Systems

Spring 2017

  • Aaron Russell: Social Perceptions of Solar Power: Using Q-Methodology to Explore the Evolution of Solar Energy Conversations in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado

  • Jordy Hicks: Climate Change, Westrn Water Management, and the Paradigm of Resilience

  • Jordan Stone Presents: Forests on the Edge of Nature: Restoration and Concepts of Nature in Northern New Mexico

  • Susanna Diller: Human Experience of Fountain Spaces in Denver and Albuquerque

  • Kristen Long: Assessment of BLM's Continental Divide Trail Resource Management Plan and Public Involvement

  •  Jacob Robert Wolff: The Ivory Tower, Urban Growth, and State Subjugation: A Discourse Analysis on Student Identity Formation During University Generated Redevelopment Projects