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Standing Opportunities

Agricultura Network: A cooperative in the South Valley that promotes the economic development, health, nutrition, and cultural heritage of our community through four agriculture related programs (Farm to Fork, Community Supported Agriculture, Mobile Market, Community events and cooking classes/Salud y sabor).

South Valley Economic Development Center

318 Isleta Blvd. SE, Suite 202

Co-director Helga Garza:

Patrick West (food/cooking/nutrition contact):

Downtown Growers’ Market: a program of the DowntownABQ Mainstreet Initiative with a mission to support and promote local agriculture, small business development and community engagement in order to better the economics, health, wellbeing and education of New Mexico residents and visitors.

DowntownABQ Mainstreet Initiative

115 Gold Ave. SW, Suite 205

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Market Manager: Liz Skinner:

New Mexico Solar Energy Association: Educational organization helping to lead the transformation to 100% renewable energy and sustainable living for all life on earth. It can only happen with the power of community.

 Director Athena Christodoulou:

Warehouse 508: Established in 2009 as Warehouse 508, Albuquerque's Downtown Youth Art and Entertainment Center allows for youth immersion in the Creative Arts. Warehouse 508 is a venue for creativity, a lab, an incubator of possibilities, and a safe, structured environment where young people have the opportunity to explore the world through the arts. Warehouse 508 is operated by New Mexico Xtreme Sports Association (NMX); together we provide urban arts and extreme sports programs for young people ages 11-20. Our mission is to offer youth a safe space for creative expression. We work for that moment when a young person is inspired by his or her personal potential. This organization is responsible for 40 new murals put in downtown in 2017.


Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

If you are interested in a research project/internship related to environmental education, urban conservation issues, wilderness conservation issues (forestry, trails, fire), engaging youth in conservation, or something specific to the Fish and Wildlife Service contact Jordan Stone:

Expiring Opportunities-Look carefully at closing dates!



Souder, Miller & Associates is a local engineering firm here in Albuquerque. They are looking for a GIS intern and are wanting applicants asap! They also don’t want to run through the usual HR job posting process so this is an inside opportunity for anyone interested.

 Work will revolve around creation of a GIS database for a non-profit called Water Engineers for the Americas ( Work will be detail oriented with a need for ESRI Arcmap experience (with some potential usage of ArcPro and ArcGIS Online). Spanish speaker is also a plus!

 An example of the type of final products being created:

 Overall they’re in need of someone with a good foundation in GIS, and are not expecting anything above an entry level skillset, so I would encourage anyone to apply!

 This is a great opportunity to network locally and get involved.

 Send your inquiries and resumes to:

 Scott C. Andreasen, P.E., GISP

GIS Program Manager

(505) 221-3523



Job Title: INTERN Part-time Temporary 

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority                                                            

Collection Section

Location: 4201 2nd St. SW - Albuquerque, NM 87105


5/31/2018 Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority 

POSITION SUMMARY:  Assist the Collection Section in a wide range of duties including but not limited to GIS support. GIS support will include creating, updating and analyzing Geographic Information System Data based on construction drawings or field data.  Work closely with field crews to gather and interpret data from the field. This field data may be acquired by using GPS technology, CCTV data or other field verification methods. 


MINIMUM EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Must currently be a full time student at an accredited college or technical -vocational program. Must have a valid New Mexico driver’s license and be able to obtain a valid ABCWUA Operator’s Permit (AOP) within six (6) months from date of hire. Must be a student in a GIS-based curriculum or in an engineering curriculum with GIS experience in work or education.


This is a temporary position.

 TO APPLY: Provide resume and listing of classes taken with grade (pdf or Word) via E-mail to:

 Mark S. Holstad, PE 

Collection System Manager - Field Division

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

4201 2nd St. SW - Albuquerque, NM 87105

Direct Line (505) 289-3450 - Mobile 505-259-3819